Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Chapter 3: "My Word"

In chapter three of “My Word”, Blum begins with a great quote to describe the authentic writer, as well as a great intro to the chapter. Lawrence Lessig says, “We live in a ‘cut and paste’ culture enabled by technology” or best define in Chapter three as ‘performance self’. Do I agree with it? No quite as Blum describes it in the book, the best description of the two in my opinion was good and bad. The authentic self is described as an honest, hardworking, and unique person; on the other hand the ‘performance self’ is a cheater, lazy, and copy-cat. The author makes a clear distinction between the two in order for us to really see a difference. But I feel like she goes on and beyond for the ‘performance self’ in the since that she makes them seem really bad. When I was reading the description Susan Blum was giving each type of writer I felt like I could relate to both, but because she made the performing self seem bad I would think of reasons not to relate to it. But the more I thought about it, the more relation I saw myself to it. For the most part I think I would consider myself to be more of an ‘authentic writer’, reason for being so is that I like to be unique and come up with my own ideas. I hate relating to others’ ideas, and their opinions about things, I rather draw my own opinions on it. On the other hand though, I also related to the performing writer in the sense that in some assignments it is a required for me to draw insights on others work. Not necessarily to plagiarize, but use others work to expand my knowledge of certain things, and then make my paper that much better. On page 89 of chapter three Blum expresses her opinion in that performing writers are more likely to ‘cheat’ their paper than the authentic writer. To by defense I’d disagree with this statement because I also relate to the ‘performance self’ and never have a plagiarized a paper; I would use others opinions but I’d properly cite them. On the other I agree that performance self is most like to plagiarize because it’s not like they care about what they are researching, as long as they get quotes to fill their paper in.


  1. It seemed to me that Blum saw more negatives in the "performance self," so it's interesting to hear that you felt the same way. Did the distinction between the two types seem a bit artificial to you -- do you think that most people are really somewhere in between?

  2. I guess I didn't really notice it until now, how negative she mad the performance self. Perhaps it is because I was reading it in sections. . . When reading the book, I too found myself thinking that I don't want to relate to performance self, only to realize that I am somewhere in the middle between the two selves.